Monday, 2 March 2015

Garden Moth Scheme 2015

The Garden Moth Scheme recording season starts again in a few days’ time and Norman Lowe would like to get as many recorders involved as possible this year. for those that are not aware of the scheme, the idea is to run the same moth trap at same site, every week, on the same night of the week where possible, regardless of the weather. The scheme has been running for several years now and has amassed a very useful dataset for looking at recent trends in common species of moths across the UK.
For more information contact Norman Lowe(norman at enviro-consulting dot com) or check out the Scheme's website.


  1. Speaking as one who has taken part in the GMS for a few years, I'd like add that it is a simple and rewarding survey in which to participate and in periods of poor weather when one would normally shy away from running the garden trap; having to run it for the GMS can turn up the odd surprise. Give it a go.

  2. To endorse Mark's comment, I had the second VC41 record of Sycamore moth while running the garden trap for GMS, on a chilly June night on which I wouldn't have bothered trapping otherwise.