Monday 12 October 2015

Coed-y-bedw on Saturday

I left two 6W actinics at Coed-y-bedw on Saturday night, in fairly promising conditions (not exactly warm, but cloudy and still). The catch on Sunday morning was rather disappointing, with a good variety of craneflies and caddis but only 9 moth species (plus a crippled Yellow-line Quaker found in the herbage elsewhere on site). Almost all the moths were geometrids, with a fresh Green Carpet, a Spruce Carpet, and a Red-green Carpet among others. I caught 7 male Epirrita which proved on closer inspection to comprise 1 November Moth and 6 Pale November Moth. They were drab and I suspected they would all be November Moth, so I was glad I checked them.
My first Feathered Thorn of the year was among the catch
Caddis flies included both Halesus radiatus and H. digitatus,  but the highlight of the whole catch was this whopping great cranefly, Pedicia rivosa.


  1. What do you use for cranefly i/d George? The wing patterns look distinctive.
    I know that Alan Stubbs was/is writing a book on this group.

  2. Some test keys which Pete Boardman handed out at a SEWBReC training course last year. They are Alan's keys but have yet to be finalised and published. I could email you them if you like.

    Yes, Pedicia rivosa is a very distinctive one (unlike most of them!).

  3. Can you email me too please ? Great fly btw which I don't recall ever seeing