Sunday, 11 October 2015

Nicholaston Woods. Friday 9th October

Not a great selection (only 12 species) down where the wood meets the marsh so perhaps a bit exposed to the east wind.
There were 10 Large Wainscot, though, so obviously just right for them! Also NFY for me were Red-green Carpet and Beaded Chestnut.
As it has been a bit quiet recently I photographed this little fly (forewing approx. 3mm) which seems to be quite common at the moment. Perhaps someone can put a name to it?
Red-green Carpet

Large Wainscot

Beaded Chestnut

Fly query


  1. hi Chris

    The fly is a Moth fly( Psychodidae ). I have a number of these in the flower beds at the moment and posted a very similar picture on East Glam Wildlife blog recently. I think there are too many similar ones to put a name to it.

  2. Thanks Howard. Nice to give it some sort of handle.

  3. Yes, Psychodids always looks as though they should be easy, but the key involves counting antennal segments!

  4. I think I'll give that a miss then, just this once!