Monday 28 August 2017


The traps been collecting dust this year, but it had an outing in the garden last night and this morning held 375 individuals of 43 spp.. Nothing remarkable with interest provided by Setaceous Hebrew Character (the most abundant sp. with 134 counted), 2 Ringed China-marks and singletons of Agriphila geniculea, Epermenia falciformis (new for the garden), Palpita vitrealis (2 Silver Y the only other migrants), Poplar Hawk-moth (a little on the late side), Small Rufous & Small Wainscot.


  1. Thanks Chris - I'd almost forgotten how much fun moth trapping cam be!

  2. Too many road trips made you home sick for trapping!! Welcome back Barry!

  3. Two traps in two weeks now - im hooked again!