Saturday 26 August 2017

Prior's Meadow 22nd Aug

A warmish night but very windy and a bit damp.
Nice to see a female Black Arches, which posed by a male for me, and a beautiful Blood Vein on the ground near the trap. I had one Strophedra weirana which I also had last year on this site but one puzzle.
I thought initially this would be Aphelia paleana but the palps look much too long in the photo; there is a pale form of the female Sparganothis lipperiana which does have long palps but these don't look quite that long! Forewing length 12mm
Any ideas gratefully received. I have retained it for now.

Blood Vein

Black Arches, male left, female right

Query? Aphelia paleana 12mm long


  1. Pretty sure thats an aberrant Pandemis corylana - very lonng palps

  2. That looks like a very good suggestion, Barry. Shape, size and background colour look good, just no markings. Many thanks. I see I have 6 recorded for that session already so I'll make that 7!