Monday 2 July 2018


The contents of a 125w Skinner trap overnight by a very ordinary bit of young Sitka plantation on Nant-y-Mynydd last night included 68 species (184 individuals), the assemblage with a distinct upland feel about it. Those of interest: Map-winged Swift 7, Argyresthia conjugella 1, Epinotia tedella 3, Small Argent and Sable 2, Galium Carpet 3, Northern Spinach 6, Pretty Chalk Carpet (perhaps no-so-upland!) 1, Dotted Carpet 1, Beautiful Snout 2, Red-necked Footman 1, Marsh Oblique-barred 1, Scarce Silver Y 1, Antler Moth 1, Striped Wainscot 1 & Northern Rustic 2.

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