Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Kent Black Arches, Barry, July 16th

A Kent Black Arches which is new for us and the garden in Barry. No records in TMOG or the new website database either?

I am not entirely sure whether to record this for the 16th or the 15th as it fluttered in the corner of my eye whilst I was preparing the moth trap last night. Therefore it was either hiding in the trap undiscovered from the previous night or on the lawn. After a short chase through the workings of my son's trampoline and the sweet peas I finally managed to pot it.

I just tried to get a better picture but it's very excitable so will have to try after work. Paul said one was taken last week at Kenfig so seems to be a moth on the move?

Last night overall was probably a bit moon-y after the eclipse and a little colder than previous nights so numbers were down a bit but there was a nice Swallow-tailed moth in with the usual mixture.

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  1. Rob Nottage has just given me one from the 15th, so yours will be the third. I'll have to break the news to Rob about Dave C's record beating his into second now!