Monday, 22 July 2019

Llandaff Garden - 21st July

I took this in the trap last night. I'm a tad unsure if it's a Confused, a Nutmeg, Dusky Brocade or other. I'm opting for a Nutmeg.

The wing markings are different with the orbicular stigma elongated on the left and small and oval on the right. I'm sure it's not a rare occurance but a first for me.

Look forward to some input if possible for species ID.



  1. I'd favour Confused, but the resolution is a bit soft, so not 100% sure sorry

  2. Plus those particular stigma are a bit weird for Confused?

  3. An odd looking thing. A bit late in the day now, but I don't suppose you kept it?

  4. Have you ruled out a late dark version of Acronicta aceris?

    1. I does feel more like an Acronicta than a Apamea, but I was not aware of a dark form of Sycamore (A. aceris).

  5. Stephen has sent me some other images and I'm happier that it is at least an Apamea now - the markings along the termen match. As to which, I think Confused is the more likely of the two, albeit a slightly odd one.

  6. Many thanks for taking the time to clarify Dave, it's most appreciated.