Thursday 12 May 2011

Glaucous Shears

Sian Musgrave sent me a couple of photos of Glaucous Shears from her trap at Pennard, South Gower. It's quite interesting that as this 'upland' species has now appeared four times in her trap over the last 10 years, as it suggests there must be a local 'lowland' population nearby, possibly originating form the nearby coastal heath?
Sian's also trapped very good numbers of Orange Footman: She recorded it in her garden for the first time last year (3 records, 4 individuals) and this year she now had 8 records and 20 individuals, so clearly the species has become well-established very quickly.


  1. It could just be down to dispersal - either from the welsh uplands or across from the Quantocks.

  2. It's a species that was queried from my Parent's trap in Berrow, near Burnham-on-sea many years ago, but the photo was accepted - so they do wander.