Thursday 19 May 2011

Rhoose Point

The first calm (but nippy!) night for a week or two gave a reasonable catch of 23 species. New for the year include Shoulder-stripe Wainscot, Epiblema uddmannia, Garden Pebble and the 4 below which I am not sure about.

Other than thinking this is a Tortrix I am a bit stumped!

This is a side view of the above.

I can see a number of possibilities for this including Grey or Light Grey Tortrix, but again not sure.

I think this may be a Tawny Marbled Minor. 3 of these arrived last night, all with a distinctly different colouration (a greeny bronze which is lost in the photo) from the Marbled Minors that I have been seeing recently. Certainly it is the right size.

Again, not sure, but possibly a Caloptilia?

If anyone can shed any light on these, I would be very grateful!



  1. First one is an Epiblema, possibly roborana.

    You're right with the 'grey tortrix', it's a Cnephasia but not sure which one (would probably need dissecting to be sure).

    Minor is probably Tawny Marbled but again would need dissecting to be sure.

    Last one is a Parornix - not sure which species, they're quite tricky.

    Dave or Barry might be able to give you more definitive answers!

  2. I agree with everything George says. I may be able to get closer on the Parornix from the photo, but I don't have the books here.