Saturday, 7 January 2012

2011 Roath (central)

2011: 175 + 4 agg. species
96 traps set (17/03 to 9/11 - hols 30/05 - 7/06, 26/08-30/08 & 6/09-21/09)
New Macros
Orange Swift
Scalloped Hazel
L-album Wainscot
New Micros
1336 [Eudonia pallida]
1375 [European Corn-borer]
1417 [Meal Moth]
I'll have to do some homework on my garden, which goes back to 1993, for an inclusive list. The garden list is just over 500.

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  1. I don't have a garden but trap several sites within my home KM square. The very favourable conditions early in the year allowed me to add these species to the list -
    Feb 19th - No wind/mist, 9 degrees.
    Dotted border
    Pale brindled beauty

    March 16th - N1/low cloud, 11 degrees.
    March moth
    Oak beauty
    Grey shoulder knot

    March 28th - SE1/cloud - 11 degrees.
    Brindled beauty.

    I also had an Orange underwing in the daytime on 23rd March and added Small purple barred, Pale shouldered brocade, Grey dagger, Small mottled willow, Six belted clearwing, Annulet and Large ear to the list later on. Not a great year for micros, especially Light brown apple moth (2 seen ) and Grapholita compositella (1), a normally abundant moth here.