Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Llandaff North in 2011

Now that we're into a new year I thought it might be of interest to look back at 2011, so here's a summary of all the lepidoptera species for each year since I've been living in Llandaff North:

Year Trap nights Species New species
2007 62 185 185
2008 60 197 67
2009 78 225 59
2010 63 257 52
2011 108 302 68

So it looks like 2011 was pretty good, with by far my highest species total, and also the highest number of new species since 2007. Although I've done more trapping this year, this is partly offset by the fact I missed nearly all of June (and with it the best of the summer weather) while working away, as in 2009 and 2010.

21 of the new species were macro-moths, the best of these being Galium Carpet, Vestal, Maple Pug, Blomer's Rivulet, Sharp-angled Peacock, Orange Footman and Large Wainscot. Among the micros the highlights were two new for VC41: Caloptilia falconipennella and Parectopa ononidis.

Large Yellow Underwing was the commonest moth for the first time - it's usually either Heart & Dart or Light Brown Apple Moth.

I'd be interested to hear what others made of 2011...

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