Saturday 10 March 2012


A mild (min 7.90 C), damp night, so my GMS catch, this morning was eight moths of six species: Early Thorn-1; Oak Beauty- 2; Common Quaker- 1; Clouded Drab- 1; Hebrew Character- 1; and The Chestnut- 3. Also in the trap, but not counted for the GMS were two Depressaria daucella.


  1. Errm, that should, of course, be nine moths of six species.

  2. Similar here in Llandaff North - 11 moths of 5 species, including Oak Beauty (2nd garden record) and 4 Early Grey (new for year). It might not sound a great catch, but it's by far my best return for Week 2 of GMS.

    1. That sounds like a decent enough catch to me, for this early in the season, anyway. I haven't had Early Grey yet, this year.

  3. Much envy here lads!... just a solitary Chestnut for me on Friday night. Wednesday is my designated GMS night - missed week 1 and blanked on week 2. Three species is my best catch so far this year.