Wednesday 7 November 2012

Cwmbach, Last Night.

I ran my 22w actinic garden trap overnight and was rewarded with eleven moths of eight species, namely:

Agonopterix arenella x 1
Epiphyas postvittana x 1
Red-green Carpet x 2 (all of these I've had this year have mainly or completely green. Anyone else found the same?)
Spruce Carpet x 2
Feathered Thorn x 1
Scarce Umber x 1
Red-line Quaker x 2
Flounced Chestnut x 1


  1. Nice catch Mark. All I managed last night was E postvittana x2 and Diamondback x1.

    George (Llandaff North)

  2. I don't know what the weather was like in Llandaff North, but here it was heavily overcast, so the temperature only dropped to mid single figures. It is going to be another overcast night, tonight, so I've just bunged the trap out.

  3. Yes it was a mild overcast night here too...but I generally do poorly at this time of year (too far from woodland I guess).


  4. True! That's certainly where all the action is. I have open, scattered woodland only 100m or so behind my garden.