Saturday 3 November 2012

Last week of Summer GMS - Llandaff North

With a minimum temperature of 3.6 C, heavy showers through the night, and having had two empty traps recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find two moths in the trap this morning. If this hadn't been a GMS night I wouldn't have bothered putting the trap out. The moths were Dark Chestnut and Acleris schalleriana, both in fine fettle.

Dark Chestnut

This is my 9th garden record of Dark Chestnut, and I've still yet to record the Chestnut here.


  1. I also had two unexpected moths: a Chestnut and a Yellow-line Quaker. Although I get Dark Chestnut in my garden, they are more often found on my flowering ivy than at the trap and I always get far more of the Chestnut, as do most people, I suppose.

  2. Yes I think everyone else gets more Chestnut than Dark's a real oddity that the Chestnut has never turned up in my garden.

  3. 10 times as many records of The Chestnut here in Gorseinon