Friday 9 November 2012

Garden trap 8th Nov

Only 3 moths in the garden last night, in spite of being mild.
Acleris schalleriana
1 Red-green Carpet and 2 Acleris schalleriana I believe, judging mainly by the elongated costal blotch. Anybody agree?

Wednesday night in woodland for a few hours was better; still 10.5 degrees at 11pm
Epirrita sp.               20
Chestnut                   2
Merveille du Jour     2
December Moth       1
Feathered Thorn       6
Acleris sparsana       2
Common Marbled Carpet   2
Mottled Umber         1


  1. Looks very much like the schalleriana I get in my garden Chris, I'll email you a photo for comparison.

    Do you have Viburnum tinus nearby? We have a bush in our garden which has lots of spinnings made by the larvae of this species.


  2. Many thanks both. No Viburnum but this is suburbia, so maybe in a neighbouring garden