Sunday 20 July 2014

Coed-y-bedw last night

Paul Parsons, Marc Botham and I joined Vaughn and others from WTSWW for a bit of a mega session at Coed-y-bedw last night, to make up for the cancelled Moth Night event at the site. We had 5 MVs and 3 actinic traps between us. It wasn't quite as warm as previous nights, with the sky clearing by dusk (not in the forecast), but it stayed above 15C.

I'm not sure what the final species total will be but I had over 100 species at my traps. Among the macros, highlights were Triple-spotted Pug, Lesser Cream Wave, Beautiful Hook-tip, Beautiful Carpet and Clay Triple-lines, as well as a number of the woodland moths for which the north Cardiff woods are a stronghold: Blomer's Rivulet, Clouded Magpie, Satin Lutestring & Pretty Chalk Carpet.

Triple-spotted Pug

There were several notable records among the micros, including Epinotia signatana (3rd modern record), Archips rosana (1st modern record east of Kenfig), Eana incanana (5th VC record), Cydia fagiglandana (also 5th VC record) and another Spatalistis bifasciana (6th VC record, the 3rd this year).

Eana incanana. We caught a few of these.
Epinotia signatana (worn specimen)
Epinotia brunnichana/solandriana (specimen retained)

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