Thursday 31 July 2014

Cadoxton Ponds

Put the trap out last night and despite it being windy (resulting in very few moths outside trap i think) i still managed a good haul of 70-odd species I think. Just the one migrant (Diamond-backed moth) but plenty of reedbed and wetland species as you'd expect. Highlights were definitely silky wainscot and is this a brown-veined wainscot?
Other wetland species: Chilo phragmitella, Calamotropha paludella, small china-mark and is this a southern wainscot?
Other highlights/new for me this year were yellow-tail, latticed heath, canary-shouldered thorn, lime-speck pug, small waved umber, garden tiger, brown-line bright-eye (and a few bright-line brown-eyes...) and lackey. As well as what i believe is straw underwing?

Micros were dominated by Blastobasis adustella and plenty of grass moths. A few i would like confirmation of though I'm afraid:
1. Blastobasis lacticolella?
2. Crambus perlella?

3. Depressaria daucella?
4. Depressaria radiella? (poor photo sorry)

5. Dichrorampha sp.?
6. Eudonia pallida?

7. Well-marked but no idea annoyingly...


  1. Agree with all those except...

    3. Bryotropha terrella
    4. This one looks like D daucella! Hard to be sure though from shiny photo.
    7. Phtheocroa inopiana.

  2. Thanks George, you're probably right with the daucella - i thought it might be radiella because it was noticeably bigger than what I thought was daucella (and turned out to be B.terrella!). I assume the Dichrorampha isn't identifiable to species?

  3. Vaughn, the first moth is a Silky Wainscot, not BV, still very nice!

  4. Thanks Barry - i must admit i think i had my doubts but really wanted it to be BV...

  5. Glad you spotted that Barry - I misread the caption and thought it was labelled as Silky Wainscot.

    Vaughn - I'd say that's Dichrorampha sp!