Tuesday 23 September 2014


Richard Wistow and myself had a good search of a field with abundant Devil's-bit Scabious today. We never found any Marsh Fritillaries but did see 17 Stenoptilia bipunctidactyla, which is more than I can remember seeing previously, though I note DRWG & MCP counted 35 at Llanilid in September 2005 - presumably another good year for second broods. Also noted were larvae of Fox Moth and the sawfly Abia sericea (below).

Botanical curiosity was provided by this rather fetching pink variety of Devil's-bit Scabious - I can see Richard has a natural flair for flower arranging! 

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  1. Up the road, in Pontpren (Penderyn), is a patch of normal Devil's-bit Scabious with white flowered individuals amongst them.