Friday 12 September 2014

Yet another caterpillar

During Marsh Fritillary larval web surveys on Gower last week I spotted this Small Chocolate-tip larva on Creeping Willow on Fairwood Common. Barry has recorded this species on the same plant on Pengwern, but this seems to be the first record for Fairwood.

Small Chocolate-tip
Marsh Frtit larval web numbers have been impressive this year, with around 600 counted on the Gower Commons (and we only covered a fraction of Fairwood Common). A photo below of one of the oddest webs I've seen - 40cm off the ground on a bramble bush. There was a Devil's-bit Scabious plant just out of shot.
Marsh Fritillary larval web
I also saw a Prochoreutis species on Fairwood Common, but it evaded capture so I'm not sure which of the two species it was.

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