Tuesday 23 September 2014

Not a Clifden Nonpareil

For those that are wondering how I can be so certain that the first Welsh Clifden Nonpareil was photographed in Porthcawl last week, I draw your attention to the little bit of hindwing showing. Red Underwing has solid black right up to the edge of the wing followed by white cilia. Clifden Nonpareil has the white cilia, but the wing fades to white before it reaches the edge.
This is clipped from Paul Harris' photo on UK-Moths.
And this is the Porthcawl moth.
I'm afraid we'll have to wait a bit longer before this lovely species is added to the Glamorgan list.


  1. Ok Sherlock - could it be a Nottage Nonplused?

  2. I assumed the hind-wings were seen - shame and well done Dave for looking more critically