Friday, 26 June 2015

Creigiau 23 June

Another good catch in the garden with 60 moths of 30 species. Of these, 3 were new for me - Ghost Moth, Coleophoridae sp, and a Nematopogon sp - and another 6 were new for the year - Beautiful Golden Y (also new or the garden), Heart & Club, Lozotaenia forsterana, Dipleurina lacustrata, Scorched Wing and Yellow Shell.

Ghost Moth

Coleophoridae sp.

           Nematopogon sp
Beautiful Golden Y


  1. Pretty sure that's Nematopogon metaxella - very long antennae and blunt-ended wing. Nice photos.

  2. Thanks George. That's what I would have guessed for the longhorn, as there is a hint of a dark spot on the forewing which matches this species.