Friday, 26 June 2015

Nicholaston, Gower, Thursday morning

Lots of activity in and around the traps this morning, just where the woods meet the marsh and dunes.
125 species including several new to me, especially Sloe Pug, Argolamprotes micella, Strophedra weirana (thanks George for the ID), Cryptoblabes bistriga (sadly, no pic)  and a possible Phalonidia affinitana; any thoughts on that one?
There was a good mix of coast species such as Sand Dart and Crescent Dart, marsh species like Obscure Wainscot and Chilo phragmitella and woodland ones, with several Lobster in the grass nearby and a couple of Green Silver-lines looking stunning as ever, as well as Pretty Chalk Carpet and Fern. Also a couple of tiny nepticulids I can't do; any thoughts?

Green Silver-lines

Argolamprotes micella

Possibly Phalonidia affinitana

Strophedra weirana

Delplanqueia dilutella

Sloe Pug

Lobster Moth

Query 1

Query 2


  1. affiniata looks good and weirana is a great record - no time to look at your queries yet sorry

  2. Thanks Barry. Others who are more familiar with affinitana have confirmed that too, so a nice new record for the site and south Gower.