Thursday, 25 June 2015

Parc Slip

By far the best night of the year so far at Parc Slip with 186 moths of 60 species coming to the trap (and none in need of id unlike yesterday...). Highlight for me was probably a couple of the attractive micro Spatalistis bifasciana which is new to me and the site as far as I'm aware. I also had a latticed heath in the trap which is another first. Others of note were miller (I catch one a year), bordered white (2nd ever catch), Anania coronata (1st for 2 years) and the first appearances this year of small fan-foot, small fan-footed wave, grey arches, scorched wing, pale-shouldered brocade, purple clay, spectacle, dark arches, pinion-streaked snout, small angle shades, large fruit-tree tortrix, dark fruit-tree tortrix and Perinephela lancealis.

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  1. Spatalistis seems to be on the increase - 4 of the 6 county records have come in the last two years.