Monday 28 December 2015

Horton & beyond

Given all the exciting migrants around, three traps left overnight at Horton returned rather disappointing totals as follows: Light Brown Apple Moth 1, Crocidosema plebejana 1, December Moth 9, Dark Chestnut 1, Angle Shades 1 & Small Mottled Willow 1.

Back in Gorseinon Chris Brewer informed me there were 2 Bordered Straw in his trap and at Cwm Ivy Veronica Shenston recorded December Moth 13, Winter Moth 3, Small Mottled Willow 3, Bordered Straw 2, Dark Sword-grass 1 & Rush Veneer 1.

The main prizes all seemed to have been in our neighbouring counties last night with Sam Bosanquet's Euchromius and Ian Morgan 2 Cornifrons, the latter new for Wales it seems!


  1. I have now posted photos of Cornifrons on the Carms moth blog and Chris Manley has come to collect my second specimen to photograph. Also (again see the Carms moth blog), I`m 99% certain that Mel Jones had this rare migrant at Llansteffan too.

  2. Have you designed a new Morgan Cyclone Suction Trap? Please turn down the suction level to give the Gower moth'ers a chance

  3. Yes, - `I have a plan, a cunning plan`!....Gower has, for far too long, intercepted my moths!
    10/10 for trying last night Barry. I would have predicted that you would have scored last night on the S Gower cliffs but, as you said, perhaps it was too exposed there.

  4. I didn't get my garden trap on til 11:30pm (after getting home from the flooded north). The only moths this morning were Amblyptilia acanthadactyla and a female Winter Moth on a fence post by the trap.

    Maybe I'll have more luck in Cornwall over the next few days...

  5. Nothing in the box in Creigiau on Sunday night. Temperature barely dropped below 10C but strong wind blowing all night.