Saturday 26 December 2015

The perils of December trapping

Buoyed by Ian Morgan's capture of Euchromius ocellea on Christmas day (see Carms moth blog), I set the trap this evening with renewed optimism ... that was until I looked out the window!
Oh well it's set now, so fingers crossed that in the morning the bulb's not blown...


  1. That was me with a powerful hosepipe, Barry! I wanted the migrants to go a couple of miles westwards into Carms!
    I only had a rush veneer last night (and a December moth) in the torrential rain. Have just dried my stock of sodden egg cartons in the oven (`desperate times, desperate measures`!) - 10 mins @ 120C - put it in your `mothing recipes` book! Looks GOOD for trapping tonight - warm, overcast, no rain (!) and S or SE winds. Give it a go?

  2. Ha Ha, well your plan did not succeed totally as despite there being no moths in the trap (probably put off by the swarm of winter gnats and similar beasties), I managed to find 2 Silver Y and a Mottled Umber hiding nearby. If there are some nice migrants reported elsewhere today, I may be tempted to put out a 2 or 3 traps in dark sites tonight...

    Thanks for the egg carton recipe, though I prefer to flambé mine with a good quality liqueur at this time of year.