Monday 14 November 2016

Creigiau - 13 November

First box for the Winter GMS. A very mild night (min temp 9.7C) but not a lot about - 10 moths of 6 species. Highlights - another Merveille du Jour and the first Red-line Quaker of the year.


  1. It's great people are still getting the odd few moths. Sadly, after puting the trap out on five occasions over the past 2 weeks I've had no moths. One bit of interest during a freezing cold night was a micro on the kitchen window. It looks to me like a very worn, Digitivalva pulicariae. Needs proper ident though.

  2. Stephen - Leek moth is still on the wing which looks similar to Digitivalva.

  3. Hi Dave,

    yeah, I noticed some similarities. I should probably pop in post to you as it has a fair amount of scales rubbed. Cheers