Wednesday 23 November 2016

Death's-head larva

I received the following email today:

Hi Barry,

Mark Winder passed your detail on to me and asked me to send you the photo of a Death-head Hawk-moth caterpillar we found at Three Cliffs in September.  Apologies for the delay in sending it to you.

One of my Beaver Scouts saw the caterpillar as we were coming off the board walk on our way back from the beach, it was about 13:00 in the afternoon on Saturday 17th September.  It was a nice warm day and the caterpillar was in the grass about 30 meters from the board walk and not far from the undergrowth.  It was alive and well, so we did not disturb it. 

We did not touch it, but did include an adult figure in the shot so we could see its size, it was incredible we spent the rest of the day trying to identify it from the photo!!

Best wishes Penny (Gruffydd)


  1. That's fantastic! Never seen the caterpillar before,so a rare treat.
    I have seen an adult only once, when I was in my teens in Wiltshire on a lamp-post on an early Sunday morning many, many years ago.

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