Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Last night produced pretty much identical conditions to the previous evening enabling a comparison of results between our garden and Sandra's aunt and uncle's place just outside Pontarddulais. In contrast to our urban garden, with annoying bright new cut-off street lights nearby, her relative's place not only has lovely dark skies, but is situated amongst some interesting habitats including woodland, valley mire, dry heath and colliery spoil, not to mention a dense forest on Rhododendron!
Although the differences aren't outrageously different, they do highlight the benefits of asking if relatives living in good sites fancy letting you run your trap every now and then...particularly if your home site is ordinary.
Gorseinon: 5 spp. 9 individuals
Cwmdulais: 17 spp. 36 individuals
The moth highlights at the latter site were Pine Beauty and Pale Pinion, but a male Minotaur Beetle stole the limelight - it's the first time I've ever encountered on in a moth trap before.

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