Friday 31 March 2017

Parc Slip

It was forecast to be wet and mild last night so the trap was put out and it was worth doing.Over 130 moths of about 26 species with the highlights being 2nd (and 3rd) ever oak nycteoline (1st was in 2014), first pine beauty, streamer and Diurnea fagella since 2015, FFY of early thorn, brindled beauty, engrailed, early grey and brindled pug. A few that I'd like a bit of help with please (apologies for the state of the photos - I didn't have my good camera so had to make do with my phone..)

Mompha sp.


  1. I think the pug is just a well-marked Brindled. The second one is Agonopterix yeatiana, but the other two look horribly worn.

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  3. Thanks George - the Agonopterix is a first record for Parc Slip