Saturday, 11 March 2017

Creigiau - 09 March

Don't know what happened Thursday night - 49 moths of 10 species! Over half  of this total was made up of Hebrew Character (14) and March Moth (13), Others were Common Quaker (6), Early Grey (6), Dotted Border (4), Brindled Beauty (2) and singles of Pale Brindled Beauty, Engrailed and Diurnea fagella (first appearance since March 2015). Also, one other that I'm not sure of  - could this be Dark Chestnut? New for me if it is.

Diurnea fagella


Brindled Beauty & Pale Brindled Beauty.


  1. Yes that's Dark Chestnut.

    I had Twin-spotted Quaker and Clouded Drab last night, both of which were absent from the garden trap last year.

    1. Thanks George. I haven't seen either of those two yet but looking at past records both usually pay a first visit in March. After a very lean winter, hopefully we'll now start to see more moths in/around the traps.