Tuesday 22 May 2018

Creigiau 21 May 2018

Moth Box out in the garden for a few hours (22:00-00:30) last night - approx 100 moths of 28 species. My first ever Eyed Hawk-moth - in one of the flower beds, but it only let me take one shot before flying off. At least 15 moths were new for the year including a very nice Mompha locupletella and , what I think could be, Swammerdamia pyrella. Not at all sure about the latter so would appreciate confirmation/correction.


  1. Ooops ... miscount, more like 80 than 100.

  2. With that metallic sheen to the terminal cilia I think you must be right with pyrella.

    1. Thanks George. Not putting the box out tonight, but I will put some lights out to see if I can attract that Hawk-moth back.