Wednesday 15 February 2012

An old new county record

I've recently been going through some old specimens retained in 2007 just after I'd moved house, when I was in a state of chaos and stuck a few things in pots 'to look at later'. Much later as it turned out.

One pot had three identical micros found indoors in April 2007, which have been confirmed as Prays citri, a pest of citrus flowers and young fruit. We were bought a lemon plant as a house warming gift about a week before the moths turned up, which explains their origin.

Anyway, it's new for Glamorgan and possibly also Wales, though as it came in via a garden centre the exact location is a bit irrelevant.

Martin Honey has requested a specimen for the Natural History Museum as apparently they don't have one!


  1. I guess one should also go to NMW if you can spare it!

  2. I'm certainly happy for one to go to the museum...they're not in very good condition though. To whom should I send it?

  3. Mike Wilson, Head of Entomology would probably be the best person to take it.