Thursday, 7 March 2013

GMS week 2

A solitary Oak Beauty was in the trap this morning.  I was expecting a couple more moths as conditions were not too bad. Can't complain though as it was my first moth of the year and not a bad one to get out of the blocks with. :)


  1. Yep! I wouldn't have minded one of those, George.

  2. Aargh! Sorry Tony. For some reason I thought your post was by George. Many apologies.

  3. If only...I wouldn't say no to an Oak Beauty in my trap.

    Just a solitary Hebrew Character last night...

  4. No problems Dave - easily done. ;)

    I wouldn't say no to a Hebrew Character in my trap last night George - a disappointing zero for me.

  5. Touché, Tony :¬)
    Not as good a catch as the mild night promised, in my trap. I was half expecting an Oak Beauty, but not this time.