Sunday, 24 March 2013

GMS weeks 1-4

After Friday night's inevitable empty trap, this has been my worst start to the Garden Moth Scheme since I started doing it in 2007:

Weeks 1-4 summary:
2007: 8 moths of 3 species, 1 empty trap
2008: (missed first two weeks)
2009: 6 moths of 2 species, 0 empty traps
2010: 8 moths of 4 species, 3 empty traps
2011: 24 moths of 6 species, 1 empty trap
2012: 27 moths of 7 species, 0 empty traps
2013: 1 moth of 1 species! 3 empty traps

Given last year produced the best resutls for this period, and was then followed by a dismal late spring and summer, perhaps I shouldn't be too concerned. Cold Marches are not that unusual after all, just frustrating!

George (Llandaff North, Cardiff)


  1. George I've looked at my garden trap on a few occasions this month and thought Nahhh...
    Although I do hope it warms up soon as MCP & myself want to look for Dotted Chestnut along the Wenallt Ridge.

  2. I've been hoping to get out looking for Orange Underwings - looks like I might as well forget that for a while!