Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Micro found hibernating in greenhouse

Sorting out some old bits and bobs in the greenhouse this afternoon and I disturbed a hibernating member of the Elachistidae - Agonopterix arenella. Now I must admit to assuming it was hibernating, because, it can be found the year round, but the weather has been so cold, especially at almost 1000 feet ASL at the top of Bargoed!!!

I'm always far more pleased to come across moths like this than by light-trapping, and its also nice to add a new species to the garden list. Weather forecast looks to be rather wet, breezy and milder over the coming days, I'm still looking forward to kinder weather.

Happy Mothing,


  1. It's Twenty Plumed moths I have regularly overwintering in my greenhouse. The close proximity of one of the vents to a honeysuckle is probably the reason.

  2. Twenty Plumed have shown truly hardy characteristics around my garden, I've got honeysuckle growing on and around a wall and I've seen them around the area in really cold weather. Twenty Plumed don't appear very 'tough' do they, it just goes to show, appearances can be deceptive!!!

    Thanks for the response Mark.


  3. Nice photo as always Bill and glad you're season's getting underway. I'm sure it was just one of those moments (I have them all the time!) but Agonopterix currently belongs to the Oecophoridae.