Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Psychoides photos

Thought I'd upload photos of the two Psychoides:

P. filicivora reared from Harts-tongue
P. verhuella reared from Wall-rue
These photos make them look very different in appearance, but I don't think they're always so distinct. Certainly all the filicivora I've seen have been a deep purple with the pale tornal spot, whereas verhuella lacks the spot and is more purple-brown in colour, and broader winged.

I've reared both from Hartstongue, but only verhuella from Wall-rue.


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  1. Thanks George and Barry. The conclusions from all this are:

    1. I have the larvae of P. filicivora in the garden, which was previously unknown there.

    2. Having only previously seen adults of P. verhuella, it seems I have that species too, presumably on A. scolopendrium, or A. trichomanes, as I have neither A. ceterach, nor A ruta-muraria in the garden or nearby.

    I have recorded P. filicivora once previously in SO00, but the records for the wood, near Llwydcoed are new for SN90, which is great.

    I'm afraid I've made unusually heavy weather of this, but thanks both of you for your help.