Saturday, 6 April 2013

Oranges at Coed-y-wenallt

Eight Orange Underwings in the spring sunshine at Coed-y-wenallt today. All were flying high apart from this one, which was flying at chest height and was easily netted.

Orange Underwing male
Closer inspection revealed that the hindwings had not fully expanded, which may explain the low flying. There don't seem to be any previous records of this species from Wenallt, but there's lots of excellent habitat for them, especially in the SE part of the hill...
Open birch woodland
Seven were seen in this area, with one other in taller closed-canopy woodland on the west-facing slope of the hill.

Meanwhile, back in the garden - my first Bee-fly of the year (19 days later than 2012).

George (Llandaff North)

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