Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Rhoose Point

Another Dark Sword-grass last night.  Is anyone else getting them?  And a Zelleria hepariella in the trap tonight.  At least it looks like a Zelleria, it's out of season according to the book!

And the final count includes 12 species with Streamer, Shoulder Stripe, Depressaria daucella and Caloptilia stigmatella.


  1. No DSG for me but I've seen a few reported on Atropos 'flight arrivals', so presumably a minor influx recently.

    In my garden last night, by far the best catch of the year to date with 13 species, including Oak Nycteoline, Herald, Early Thorn & Caloptilia rufipennella new for the year.

    George (Llandaff North)

  2. Re Zelleria - I don't think it's out of season Adam. Dave and I both catch them in the spring (I've had them in March).

  3. Ummm... Having reread the book it actually says July to May which would fit! Thanks George!