Friday 1 August 2014

Parc Slip

Not as good as recently, probably due to the hideous weather yesterday and the showers overnight but still 70+ species. Nothing especially exciting with only southern wainscot, grass emerald, canary-shouldered thorn and Agriphila latistria new for the year at Parc Slip. Not many micros around but not sure about this one - Epinotia sp.?
Also the obligatory pug - white-spotted?


  1. The first one is a Bactra (probably lancealana).

    The white spots on the pug don't look quite strong enough for it to be White-spotted - perhaps Golden-rod? This also has the white spot on the metathorax.

  2. I agree on both counts, although the pug could possibly be Grey.

  3. The plain form of Larch Pug also has a white spot on the thorax.

  4. In my experience of dissecting Grey/Golden-rod, all the ones with a white spot on the thorax have been Golden-rod. But I don't think it's foolproof.