Saturday 11 April 2015

Crymlyn Bog

I joined Chris Manley for a session at Crymlyn Bog on Thursday evening. Unfortunately the temperature plummeted as darkness fell and we only trapped around 19 species between 3 MVs and 2 actinics. Nevertheless, we caught a few nice species, including Pale Pinion, Yellow-horned, Early Tooth-striped and Digitivalva pulicariae (a fleabane feeder - not a surprise at this site).
Digitivalva pulicariae

Thanks to Chris and Barry for organising access permission etc.


  1. A worthwhile effort...with such a big wetland site as this, it is worth trying at less frequently-trapped times of year such as this - I bet there`s still unrecorded `good` moths (and other inverts) there.

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  3. Indeed - it's quite an under-recorded site - many of the species we trapped were new for the site list.