Sunday 5 April 2015

Mompha divisella query

Found this on the wall close to where the moth box was placed in the garden last night. Best match I've come up with is Mompha divisella but I would appreciate confirmation/correction with this one.

The grid is 2mm.


  1. I'd agree with that Howard. The confusion species is Mompha bradleyi, and this pair need dissecting to be sure of the ID. However, divisella is usually brighter and with a more extensive pale area at the base of the wing, like yours. I've dissected quite a few from my Cardiff garden which look just like this and all have been divisella. I found a darker individual in Cathays, Cardiff last year and this turned out to be bradleyi. So far, bradleyi has only been recorded in the more urban bits of Cardiff.

  2. Thanks George, that's a 'first' for me and my garden. Typically, I found another two of these on the inside of the garage window last evening.

  3. One flying in my garden this evening (along with Speckled Wood and Amblyptilia acanthadactyla).