Tuesday 5 May 2015

Creigiau - last night and this evening

Can't compete with that pretty little moth found by Chris, but .....

I put the box out late last night, after the last light shower had passed. The rest of the night was dry and cloudy with a min temp of 7.5C so was really disappointed to find a single Common Quaker all alone in the box and then a possible Depressaria daucella on the window in the kitchen.

We have had torrential rain since late afternoon, and I have just got soaked 'sorting' the bins but I found a possible Mompha epilobiella on the inside garage window and then a moth (possible Clouded-bordered Brindle) landed on the door in front of me as I was coming back in!

Both of these, and the D. daucella would be new for me so I'll take some pics in the morning and post them here to check my identifications. Very confused ...

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