Friday, 11 September 2015

Bull Cliff, Barry (National Moth Nights 2015)

MCP & myself decided that since the object of this year's NMN was migrants, then a coastal site would be more appropriate. As it turned out we only had 2  species of migrant: Dark Sword-grass & Sliver Y.
We had 38 species with a couple to ID. The highlights were Spindle Knot-horn (Nephopteryx angustella) the 3rd VC41 record, Coastal Pearl (M. asinalis), Variable Smudge (Y. ustella) [4], Galium Carpet [3], Pretty Chalk Carpet, Yellow-barred Brindle & Centre-barred Sallow [2]. The surprise of the evening was when we were packing up and a Mouse Moth flew to the head torch light and then landed on my hand. This species has declined dramatically in VC41, so it was somewhat reassuring that it hasn't vanished altogether. 
The highlight from my garden this am was a Red Underwing + usual suspects. 
Both Mike & myself are always amused when NMN comes up with a September 'lets look for migrants' Night. Alright having a trap in SW Cornwall, Scilly, Portland, Dungeness or the East Coast but it is slim-pickings here in Wales. The only 'Passenger' Mike had last night was me!

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  1. True, Dave. I always feel a little hard done by when the target is migrants. I've always said that for me to get a sniff of migration up here, moth-ers need to be tripping over the things at the coast and if I lived in VC42, I wouldn't bother with Moth Nights at all, if the target was migration. Still, it was a night out!