Monday, 21 September 2015

VC41 Fun

An idle half hour on the database. (My copy - others will differ)
Macros VC41 - Top 3 (records count only)

Our most common "Common" species
1. Large Yellow U/w 9602 recs.
2. Heart & Dart 6981 recs.
3. Brimstone 6768 recs.

Our most common "Local" species
1. Vine's Rustic 1129 recs.
2. Triple-spotted Clay 1114 recs
3. Coronet 1023 recs.

Our most common "Nb" species
1. Double Line 999 recs.
2. Devon Carpet 263 recs.
3. Blomer's Rivulet 197 recs.

Our most common "Na" species
1. Narrow-bordered Bee Hawk-moth 83 recs.
2. Grass Eggar 43 recs.
3. Scarce Burnished Brass 37 recs.
[Note: all predominantly West Glam species]

Our most common "RDB" species
1. Silky Wave 52 recs.
2. Small Ranunculus 41 recs.
3. Dingy Mocha 6 recs.

Our most common "Migrant" species
1. Silver Y 6950 recs.
2. Dark Sword-grass 1193 recs.
3. Humming-bird Hawk-moth 551 recs.

DJS (SEWBReC) might have more records than shown above.
I'm sure someone might do the micros!


  1. Interesting. I've never seen Vine's Rustic.

  2. 2015 (11 recs) has been the best year for VR in my garden since 2010 (13 recs).

  3. PS. The data map shows that VR is very scarce north of the M4 corridor.

  4. If I can find another reliable Grey Chi site (The old one is now out of bounds, as I found on NMN), perhaps we could have an informal GMRG session there. I guess Penmoelallt would be a good bet, though out of the county. I'll work on it. Meanwhile, I will have to descend to the lowlands more often.