Monday, 9 May 2016

Creigiau - Saturday night

A very wet, but warm night. The trap attracted 30 moths of 15 species, assuming my pug ID is correct. A number of 'first for year' moths, including V-Pug, Purple Thorn and White Ermine, but the highlight was definitely my first ever Pine Beauty.
Pine Beauty
The 'lowlight' was the Pugs! ... and why are they always so worn? Anyway, I think all 3 of the following are Brindled Pugs but, if past experience is anything to go by, I'm probably wrong! (the grid is 2mm)


  1. The top two look good for Brindled. The 3rd might be Oak-tree - stronger markings and larger discal spot. Was it a bit smaller than the others?

  2. Thanks George. Using the background grid (2mm) the 3rd moth is approx 1-2mm smaller (wing-tip to wing-tip) than the first two ...

  3. Duh...yes sorry I should have noticed the grid! In that case, looks good for Oak-tree.