Thursday, 26 May 2016

Parc Slip tuesday night

I wasn't expecting much from the trap on tuesday night with temperatures dropping to 7.5 but it wasn't a bad night in the end with 25 species caught. Highlights are below but please correct me if I'm this first one a devon carpet? Looks too small for a water carpet...
Secondly, I'm pretty sure this is a marbled brown which I do catch from time to time:
Other highlights were twenty-plumed moth which was the first I've ever recorded here and first appearances of silver-ground carpet, muslin moth, coxcomb prominent, campion, green carpet, white ermine, buff ermine, common swift, small square-spot and a couple of micros that I need help with please. Is this Celypha rufana?
And can this Coleophora be identified to species by any chance??


  1. Yes Devon Carpet - the strongly curved termen is a good pointer. Coleophora looks like albicosta.

    That may well be Celypha rufana but I've never seen it and it's pretty scarce. Hope Dave can confirm.

  2. Thanks George. I haven't seen Dave on here recently so I might try emailing him

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  4. Sorry, that should be Clepsis senecionana!