Saturday, 28 May 2016

Creigiau - Thursday, 26 May

Quite a good haul on Thursday night, probably helped by a calm night with a minimum temperature of 13C.

41 moths in total of 25 identified species (plus 3 unidentified pugs). One of these, Little Thorn, was a new moth for me and 11 others were new for the year - Alder Moth, Brimstone Moth, Agonopterix arenella, Brown Silver-line, Coronet, Little Thorn, May Highflyer, Orange Footman, Sallow Kitten, Scorched Wing, Small Angle Shades and Yellow-barred Brindle.

Little Thorn
Agonopterix arenella ?

Alder Moth

May Highflyer

Scorched Wing


  1. Ooooops - can you edit a 'published' post? The Sallow Kitten was in fact an Alder Kitten - fingers (on keyboard) and brain aren't always in synch!!

  2. Nice catch Howard, that's much better than anything I've been getting - though I did have Nematopogon swammerdamella new for the garden last night.

  3. Thanks George. It's about time things started picking-up! Also had a very nice Common Swift land on the window earlier this evening - another first for the year.