Saturday 3 September 2016

Coleophora salicorniae

I had a poke about with a torch on the saltmarsh at the Ogmore rivermouth (east bank) on 18th August. I was mainly looking for strandline beetles but also netted this tawny-coloured Coleophora (dead moth shown in photo below).

I've now dissected it and it is a male C. salicorniae, only the second VC41 record of this species following one at Penylan, Cardiff in 1990. I didn't see any glassworts at the site but I'm sure there would have been some not too far away.


  1. Nice find George. Do you mean the Merthyr mawr side of the river? If so, I saw plenty of Glassworts there a few weeks ago.

  2. No, t'other side, which is heavily grazed. It might well have flown over the river. We should try and do some saltmarsh trapping at MM next year.