Wednesday 7 September 2016

Merthyr mawr last night, some queries.

             Acleris variegana/permutana?

            Monochroa sp?

            Epinotia cinereana ?

           Gelechid sp ?

           George and I had a good night, it was still 18 degrees at 1AM.
           64 species to my light and sheet, of which 30 were micros. Good numbers of
           Green carpet, Archers dart, Feathered gothic, Canary shouldered thorn and
           Light emerald, but no migrants noted. I'm sure George will add a few species
           to the nights tally.


  1. Hi Paul. On your Acleris, it is all about whether the scale tuft in the middle of the wing is erect or 'recumbent'. I'm not 100% certain where this is on you moth but it does not look erect, so I'd go with permutana.

  2. Thanks Dave. I've had a few comments from Dave Grundy on Facebook, who thinks it is Variegana. Not slim enough for Permutana and a straight, rather than slightly concave costa. I did not note the scale tuft, something to check next time...